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Perlite is a volcanic stone and has a whitish appearance and exists out of quite small and very light particles.
It is a 100% environmentally friendly, natural product.

PERLIGRAN® is mixed in growing substrates but is also suitable as a substrate for hydroculture and culture systems.
It has a very low volume weight, it is totally incombustible and non toxic.
It will definitely not rot, is completely free of any pathogens and is not attracting any vermin or pest.
Furthermore, PERLIGRAN®is Ph-neutral, inorganic, sterile and odourless.

When mixed in a growing substrate, PERLIGRAN® ensures an excellent balance between water and air as it improves the structure of the substrate and is very easy to use.
The product is controlled by RHP and has a FIBL quality. The raw material comes straight from the renowned Milos mine, famous for its quality crude perlite.

PERLIGRAN® is available in various types (particle sizes):
  • Medium (0-3mm)
  • Classic (0-6mm)
  • Premium (2-6mm, sieved two times)
Each grade can be offered in 100L bags or 1700L big bags.


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