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passive fire protection, vermiculite and
thermal insulation materials
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Vermiculite flakes are very light and handy but its super absorbent capacity makes it so interesting. Vermiculite is used as loose-fill packing in crates as absorber for sensitive or fragile products such as:
ehicle batteries, lithium batteries, when special care is required for accidental spilling,
organ transport .... .

Vermiculite complies with the regulations for dangerous goods transit packaging according to the “Un dangerous goods regulation” (IATA,UPS, Fedex, ICAO, IMO, ADR/ SDR etc..)

Vermiculite’s very light weight is appreciated for Air transport of flammable and corrosive products.

Vermiculite not only absorbs liquids very easily, it also reduces shocks due to mechanical impact during transport and handling. All kinds of objects can be packed in vermiculite even those with special forms. Medium and large grade are most often used for this purpose.

Vermiculite is inert by nature and fire resistant. They are not the only advantages;
vermiculite is recyclable and safe to use.

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