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thermal insulation materials
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Raw Material

The raw material for exfoliated vermiculite, which is generally called ‘crude’ vermiculite belongs to the family of the mica’s. Once harvested in the mine, it is washed, dried and selected according to various granulometric sizes.


Mines can be found in basically all continents, except in Europe. Large producers are Brazil, India,
China and several countries in Africa.

The color of the crude depends on it’s origin and can vary between brownish-red and straw-yellow to grey.
Nestaan exclusively works with crude vermiculite which is guaranteed asbestos free.

Beside crude vermiculite, we also sell mica.
This is a mineral which has a continuous temperature resistance up to 550°C.

Mica offers a wide range of possibilities and application fields.
It’s main users are the glass industry, paint manufacturers and devices used for electrical insulation.


Due to it’s brilliant outlook, it is also quite often used in decorative applications.

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