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passive fire protection, vermiculite and
thermal insulation materials
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  • Vermiculite 6
  • Vermiculite 6
  • Vermiculite 6
  • Vermiculite 6
  • Vermiculite 6
  • Vermiculite 6

Vermiculite is mainly being used in the building industry to reduce the volume weight of concrete and mortars.
In this way cavities can be filled, which are located in fire-sensitive areas or over ceilings in attics.
Vermiculite is totally incombustible.

The main advantage of vermiculite is the fact that it can make concrete up to six times lighter when
added to the formulation. It is a very easy to use thermal and acoustic insulation, you can apply totally
seamless and in this way avoid thermal bridges. It is guaranteed completely asbestos-free.


Vermiculite is a building material, the raw material is 100% natural, which makes it extremely suitable
to be used in ecological houses and constructions. 


Vermiculite can simply be loose applied or can be mixed in combination with cement in renders and plasters,
which assures a very good looking structure of the end result.

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