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Polyurethane foam

The polyurethane foams are manufactured at Nestaan Holland in Tholen in the Netherlands.
The foams are  available in rigid blocks, sheets and special forms
The PIR and PUR range of foams present a superior insulation value (lambda 0.024 W/m.K) and are HFC free.

The foam is characterized by its outstanding mechanical properties. The closed cell structure prevents water absorption.
The foam may be used at a normal temperature range  between -100°C  up to +100 °C, and for special applications,
Nestaan Holland has developed foams which can withstand temperatures far beyond.
The internal research and development laboratory is keeping pace with the specific customer’s demands.

Polyurethane foam has an excellent compatibility with liquid polyester, it is also one of the preferred cores for sandwich panels.
Most adhesives and resins can also be used with PU foams. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Quality control is permanent, the ISO 9001 label certifies the factory for years now.

Technical Datasheets

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Material Safety Datasheet

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