Discover the benefits and versatility of vermiculite, bituminised vermiculite, perlite and NESTAAN's polyurethane products, and the different ways our extensive range is used in the construction industry.

Discover below how NESTAAN's products  from NESTAAN in the construction industry  are being applied.

Vermiculite in the construction industry

Vermiculite is mainly used in the construction industry as chappe and to fill fire-prone areas, hollow spaces, ducts and purlins in attics.

Product features of vermiculite
  • Vermiculite is a type A1 non-combustible product.

  • By adding vermiculite to cement, traditional concrete can be made up to six times lighter.

  • Vermiculite can be applied continuously, this way thermal bridges can be avoided.

  • Vermiculite is 100% natural and extremely suitable for use in ecological homes.

  • Vermiculite is multifunctional, insulating both thermally and acoustically

  • Vermiculite does not contain asbestos.

  • Vermiculite can be poured loose or it can be used in combination with the cement in plasters and crepes, creating a nice texture.

Bituminised vermiculite in the construction industry

Bituminised vermiculite is a user-friendly and lightweight product (180-220 kg/m³) used in the construction industry to level flat roofs and finish corners. It consists of exfoliated vermiculite coated with bitumen.

This product can be used in both new buildings and renovations from a temperature of 10° C. Depending on the substrate, a plastic foil or a cold layer of bitumen is placed on top of which the bituminised vermiculite is poured. In a final stage, the vermiculite is levelled and provided with a top layer.

Product features of bituminous vermiculite
  • Fire class E (according to DIN EN 1305-1)

  • Available grain size: 2-4 mm

  • NESTAAN offers bituminised vermiculite in 100-litre bags (approx. 16kg/sack) and 28 bags per pallet.

Perlite in the construction industry

Perlite is a volcanic rock that expands when heated and takes up several times its original volume. Perlite has several areas of application. In the construction sector, it is used in floor insulation, as a light chap or to fill hollow spaces. As it can be applied seamlessly, perlite is extremely suitable as thermal insulation.

Product features of perlite
  • Non-flammable

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Chemically inert

  • Sustainable

  • Odourless

  • Perlite is available in a grain size of 0 to 6 mm and is offered in bulk, big bags or 100-litre bags (24 bags/pallet).

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