Passive fire protection

NESTAAN offers a range of quality products a durable and cost-efficient alternative for passive fire protection in various sectors.

NESTAAN's products are synonymous with reliable quality and, in terms of fire protection, guarantee high-quality protection for buildings (and infrastructures).

Discover below the various sectors in which NESTAAN's products are used.


NESTAAN SLVs are sprayable, mineral wool or cement-based, passive fire protection materials specially designed to be applied both inside and outside at the first stage of a construction project.

A quick and cost-effective application that is easy to apply to both steel and concrete and provides a sustainable alternative in terms of passive fire protection.

Discover our products for public infrastructures :

SLV Internal

SLV External

Internal Low GWP


NESTAAN's passive fire protection products used in the petrochemical sector successfully underwent extensive testing programmes, including EN, BS and UL and the extremely severe Jetfire test at the HSE. In addition, our products have successfully passed tests for exposure to salt, fog and thaw and freeze cycles.

Discover our products for petrochemicals :

SLV Internal



NESTAAN's passive fire protection products based on cement or mineral wool, are generally used in industry in production environments. The sprayable mortar or self-curing finishing coat provides a thermal barrier between hot surfaces and the environment in industrial facilities and guarantees optimal protection in case of fire.

Discover our products for industry:



Public infrastructures

In the public infrastructure sector, NESTAAN's products are mainly applied to steel and concrete in public tunnels. NESTAAN's passive fire protection materials have been extensively tested and meet the requirements of the RWS standard, which means that our products provide optimal protection in fires where temperatures reach 1350°C.

Discover our products for public infrastructure:

SLV External

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