Spray mortars

The products in the NESTAAN SLV range, or Sprayed Limpet Vermiculite, are cementitious vermiculite-based spray mortars designed for the passive fire protection of structures in steel and concrete. NESTAAN's high-quality SLV spray mortars are used in the construction, petrochemical and public infrastructure sectors and guarantee a durable and cost-efficient solution in terms of passive fire protection and insulation.

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To fulfil our ecology ambitions and contribute to European plans for a greener future, we developed SLV Internal - LOW GWP, an eco-friendly spray mortar with extremely low CO2 impact.

SLV Internal - LOW GWP is a unique and innovative product with which, as a company, we are fully committed to sustainability and ecology.
By significantly reducing the Global Warming Potential (GWP) by as much as 69%, SLV Internal - LOW GWP is the most ecologically responsible spray mortar available today.

As a company, NESTAAN continues to invest in innovative and environmentally responsible alternatives that ensure a better future for us all.

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Mixing on demand

To optimise our service, we carry out customised blending orders. At our modern and fully equipped site in Blandain near Tournai, we can blend, process and package a wide range of dry powders. These blends can be produced under a private label with a personalised design.

We deliver a complete finished product under the guarantee of the ISO 9001 quality label, packaged and labelled according to your specific requirements. Need more information on commissioned blending?

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The sprayable SLV products, composed largely from Belgian raw materials, consist of a mixture of vermiculite, cement and a number of carefully selected additives.

The combination of exfoliated vermiculite, a durable expanded mineral that acts as a thermal barrier, combined with the best available cement binders, mineral fillers and additives provides a completely non-combustible product, Class A1, in accordance with the European Standard.


All our TSLs are extensively tested and comply with the latest national and international standards on fire protection. For the SLVs, NESTAAN can present certification according to Iso 9001: 2015, ETAs by ITEC and Element-Warringtonfire, UL1709 and UL263, EN13501p1, RWS: 2008 & 2020, BS476p21: 1987 and HC curve.


NESTAAN's range of sprayable passive fire protection systems is manufactured at our state-of-the-art and fully automated production plant in Blandain under the strict quality standards of ISO 9001 certification. From here, we supply customers all over the world.


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