About Nestaan

NESTAAN is an ambitious family company that has grown over the years into an established and reputable business in many sectors. Thanks to high-quality products that can be used in various industries, NESTAAN is known as a reliable partner in passive fire protection, insulation, applications in construction, packaging and horticulture.

Our mission

NESTAAN's mission can be summed up in one word: dedication. A sustained drive coupled with the pursuit of perfection, a determination to provide customers from various sectors with a wide range of quality materials. Reliable products that provide effective solutions in passive fire protection, industrial insulation, packaging and various applications in construction and horticulture.

Our values

Customer oriented

By building a reliable reputation, being flexible towards our customers, providing technical support and tailor-made solutions, we aim to maintain a long-term relationship with our clientele.


The continuous pursuit of quality is at the heart of everything we do. An attitude that is palpable in the expertise of our staff and translates into rock-solid service and products that meet the highest quality standards.

Innovation and optimisation

To meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers, we as a company continue to invest continuously in innovation and optimising our production and delivery processes.

Our warehouse

At our site in Blandain, we have a storage area of 7500m². As a NESTAAN customer, you can count on a large stock of vermiculite, perlite, SLV, SLMW and BD-6.

Origin of Nestaan

The history of NESTAAN is the fascinating story of an enterprising family from the Netherlands. A story that has its origins in 1926 with the establishment of flax trader De Groot van Nes, a business that was active in the flax industry for 40 years and made the switch to insulation in the late 1960s.

In 1968, production of polyurethane block foam started in the Netherlands. Around this time, the name NESTAAN was born, a contraction of 'van Nes' and 'polyurethane'. The company experienced strong growth and in the 1980s a Belgian division was started up where laminated PU sheets were produced.

In 2007, after acquiring Thermica and moving to Blandain near Tournai, NESTAAN further expanded its business activities by producing vermiculite, a raw material suitable for applications in construction, packaging and agriculture & horticulture.

Since 2015, NESTAAN SLV has been producing cement- and vermiculite-based spray plasters as passive fire protection for various constructions, public infrastructures and the petrochemical sector.

And the future? That is assured, as under the leadership of the next generation, NESTAAN continues to aim for growth. The aim is to further expand the range and, as today, provide customers from different sectors with quality products and flawless service.

Nestaan Holland

Nestaan Holland, founded in 1968, specialises in the development and production of polyurethane rigid foam blocks for insulation and modelling. Led by Mr Kay Hennekens, together with a team of some 40 employees, Nestaan Holland also produces various moulding and spray systems. NESTAAN has long been Nestaan Holland's partner for Belgium and France.


Establishment of De Groot van Nes flax trade


Start-up of polyurethane block foam production in the Netherlands


Start-up of production of laminated polyurethane sheets in Belgium

Pieter van Nes steps into the family business


Frédérique van Nes joins the board


Move to Blandain and start up vermiculite & perlite production


Start-up of SLV production

Yannick van Nes steps into family business

Our team



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