Industrial insulation

NESTAAN's polyurethane products guarantee quality and offer optimal thermal insulation. We supply customised polyurethane boards, block foams and forms that comply with various fire standards and are suitable for various sectors.


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Polyurethane block foam & boards

Polyurethane foam, in combination with liquid polyester or adhesive- or resin-based systems, is one of the most widely used cores in insulating sandwich panels and guarantees optimal thermal insulation. PUR foam has numerous applications in various sectors:

  • Construction sector: insulation material

  • Industry: insulation, packaging, model making
  • Transport sector: insulation of means of transport
  • Maritime sector: shipbuilding
  • Recreational sector: arts and crafts applications


NESTAAN offers tailor-made PUR or PIR forms. Because of their flexibility, durability and design options, NESTAAN's polyurethane forms can be used in various fields. Some common applications include:

  • Prototypes and model making for the industrial sector

  • Architectural ornaments for the construction industry
  • Decorative elements in the furniture and marine industries
  • Interior components for the automotive industry.
  • Creative applications in the arts sector

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