Vermiculite is a natural mineral that has several applications in construction, horticulture and industry. The mineral belongs to the group of phylosilicates and has the property of greatly expanding when heated. This process is known as exfoliation, a procedure that results in an expanded, light material. The colour of vermiculite depends on the origin of the mineral and varies between brown and beige.

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Because of its versatile qualities, vermiculite has various applications as an ecological material in various fields:

Fire protection applications

Due to its refractory properties, vermiculite is often used in fire-resistant materials.


Vermiculite is used in horticulture as a soil conditioner. It optimises soil aeration and has good water retention, which is beneficial for plant and crop growth.


Vermiculite is also used as a packaging material, especially when packing fragile and dangerous goods.

Industry and construction

Due to its light weight and insulating properties, vermiculite is often added to building materials and is frequently used as insulation material. VermiPrime is supplied as a semi-finished product in bulk for use in own products

Product features


Granule sizes  Vermiprime

  • Micron          0 mm / ± 0,5 mm

  • Super fine    0 mm / ± 1 mm

  • Fine              0 mm / ± 2 mm

  • Medium       0 mm / ± 4 mm

  • Large           0 mm / ± 8 mm


  • Bags of 100 litres (at filling)

  • Bags of 50 litres on request (for filling)

  • Big bags of 1200 litres (at filling)

  • Bulk in silo or walking floor

  • Other (on request)


NESTAAN's vermiculite is 100% Belgian and is produced in our modern, fully automated and fully equipped department in Blandain near Tournai. In our plant, composed of high-tech computer-controlled furnaces, the vermiculite is dedusted and exfoliated at 1000°C.


For vermiculite, NESTAAN has RHP certification in addition to ISO 9001 and CE certification. This label guarantees a safe, ecological and high-quality product in horticulture.

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