Vermiculite is an extremely light and convenient material, whose liquid- and shock-absorbing properties make it an extremely interesting product for the packaging sector.

Discover below how vermiculiteis applied in the packaging sector.

Vermiculite in packaging

Vermiculite is used for packaging fragile and hazardous materials and acts as padding material in boxes and crates.

As an aid to packaging, vermiculite meets the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods according to the requirements of the 'UN Dangerous Goods Regulation'

Among other things, it is used for sending:
  • batteries

  • liquids

  • dangerous substances such as chemicals

  • explosive materials

  • ADR goods

  • cosmetics

  • artefacts

Specific applications

  • Vermiculite is often used in the sector ofaviation transport for carrying corrosive andflammable products.

  • In the recycling process, after dismantling the batteries,flammable components are stored and/or transported in vermiculite.

  • Vermiculite is used to make absorption pads, which are mostly used to ship laboratory equipment.

Product features


Grain sizes

Depending on the product to be packaged vermiculite is available in medium and largegrain sizes.

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