To optimise service to our customers, we offer accessories such as primers, top coat, mesh and pins in addition to various products. These accessories are often used in combination with SLV & SLMW type spray mortars and embellish and improve the application of our products.

Limpet Acrylic Primer type DA-947

Limpet Acrylic Primer type DA947 is a primer coating, which can guarantee better adhesion of SLV and SLMW to difficult substrates in steel and concrete.

A very practical product that can make the installation process of passive fire protection easier.

Limpet Topcoat

Limpet Topcoat is a decorative and protective topcoatin various colours that has numerous applications in terms of decorative finishing and guarantees efficient protection ofthermal insulation. Limpet Topcoat is a durable product thathardly shows any signs of discolouration and is fully washable.

Mesh & pins

For certain applications in passive fire protection, it is necessary to provide mesh reinforcement. This reinforcement must be mechanically fixed before the SLV or SLMW is applied. The mesh ensures optimal adhesion in complex or heavily loaded areas in fire protection. NESTAAN provides two types of these fixing systems that can be quickly installed.

Our fixing systems

Adhesive system

Innovative system where fixing pins are attached using a heat-resistant adhesive.

With this application, NESTAAN offers a safe and time-saving alternative that does not require drilling and does not release harmful substances. Installation is 8 to 10 times faster than drilled systems.

This system has been tested and fully complies with the requirements of EN-1363-1 of 2001, UL 1709 and RWS 2008 & 2020.

Drilled system

Fixing pins using drilled anchors. Standard system where mesh is fixed to the wall by drilling into the concrete, inserting plugs and hanging the mesh from it.

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