Block foam and boards

PUR foam, or polyurethane foam, with its excellent Lambda value, is one of the best insulating materials available on the market and guarantees optimal thermal insulation. To provide our customers with the best service, we offer customised polyurethane foam block foam and boards.


NESTAAN's polyurethane foam boards and blocks have numerous applications and can be used in various sectors.


  • Core material for sandwich panels for e.g. door panels, facade panels and refrigerated vehicles

  • Tank and pipe insulation

  • Cold stores

Transport sector

  • Carroserie

  • Shipbuilding

  • Various constructions

Decorative and recreational sector

  • Art and craft creations

  • Model building

Medical sector

  • Orthopaedic purposes

Fire standards

NESTAAN offers different fire standards for various markets: PUR, PIRI, PIR and PIR M1. The most suitable fire standard for our product is PIR M1.


The density varies between 32 and 160 kg/m³, depending on the components used.

Available sizes and finishes

The maximum length of the PU blocks is 4m, the standard width is 1.25m. The blocks are also available at 1m and on request in all intermediate sizes.

The standard size of PU boards is 2.5m by 1.25m. However, we also offer other sizes with a maximum length of 4m and a maximum width of 1.25m.

Polyurethane foam boards are cut from edged blocks. The minimum thickness is 10mm, increasing by millimetres, with a tolerance of +-0.5mm.

The boards run through an automated line to saw, sand and dust them. During sawing, we can provide the boards with glue grooves. Afterwards, the boards are stacked and packed in an environmentally friendly way.

NESTAAN's polyurethane foam boards and blocks are easy to work with.


The basic components in polyurethane block foam are polyol and isocyanate, the foam is 100% CFC - HCFC and HFA-free.


Brute blocks are produced full continuously. After curing, they can be edged if required.


ISO 9001 and ISO 140001

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