SLMW HT (Sprayed Limpet Mineral Wool - High Temperature) is a cementitious mineral wool-based spray compound specifically designed for the thermal protection of hot surfaces of steel structures. SLMW HT has both fire protection and thermal insulation properties.


SLMW HT is employable in various sectors:


SLMW HT is used in various industries as cladding and thermal protection of hot steel surfaces where material resistance to temperatures of up to 600°C is required.

  • Industrial plants such as steam turbines

  • Production lines

  • Powerstations

  • Transport pipelines

SLMW HT can also be applied as additional thermal resistance in combination with other thermal barriers such as cellular glass and calcium silicate.


SLMW HT has been subjected to extensive fire tests and meets the requirements of the following standards:

  • BS (British Standard)

Product features

With an attractive volume weight and long service life, SLMW HT is a durable and economical product that can be applied quickly. It can be finished impact-resistant with a thin layer of cementitious coating such as Limpet BD-6, and it can also be waterproof and decoratively finished in a colour of your choice.


SLMW HT is a fully premixed sprayable thermal barrier based on mineral wool, combined with a selection of inorganic binders and additives that optimise the product's temperature resistance and sprayability.


SLMW HT is a European product based on European raw materials produced in a fully automated line.

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