SLV external

SLV External is a cementitious vermiculite-based spray mortar specifically designed for use on exterior structures in steel and concrete. Thanks to an attractive volume weight and outstanding performance of thickness versus fire resistance, SLV External is perfectly suited for various outdoor applications.


SLV External by NESTAAN is used in three sectors:

SLV External is applicable in areas exposed to extreme weather conditions, where high mechanical loads are expected or where damage must be prevented.

  • Load-bearing structures

  • Uncovered load-bearing structures such as columns

  • Various constructions

SLV External exceeds the strict standards applicable in the petrochemical sector and has been found suitable for passive fire protection in various installations.

  • Refineries

  • Structural protection of lines

Public infrastructures
SLV External meets the RWS standard and is used to provide concrete structures in public infrastructure with passive fire protection quickly and economically.

  • Road and rail tunnels

  • Larger viaducts


SLV External is a non-combustible product, class A1, with a fire resistance of up to 360 minutes. It meets the RWS standard and protects structures against temperatures as high as 1350°C.

SLV External has passed various tests with flying colours. In addition to extensive test programmes such as EN, BS, UL, Jetfire and UL, SLV External was extensively exposed to extreme temperature fluctuation, salts and fog, intensive thawing and freezing cycles and mould and algae.

Product features

SLV External is a safe, durable and asbestos-free product that has the appropriate density for many outdoor applications. SLV External guarantees a long service life and can be applied quickly and easily to steel and concrete, with or without primer or coating. SLV External requires hardly any maintenance and can be finished with a fire-safe top coating that is available in various colours.



SLV External, composed largely from Belgian raw materials, consists of exfoliated vermiculite, a durable expanded mineral that acts as a thermal barrier, combined with quality cement binders, mineral fillers and additives.


SLV External is a fully premixed product produced in our state-of-the-art and fully automated production plant in Blandain under the strict quality standards of ISO 9001 certification.


For SLV Internal, NESTAAN can present various certificates:

  • ETA certificate authorising CE marking by Element / Warringtonfire

  • UL1709

  • BS476p21: 1987 & HC-curve

  • EN13501p1

  • ISO9001: 2015

  • RWS:2008 & 2020

  • ASTM-E119

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