BD6 is a completely asbestos-free finish applied on top of SLMW. It forms an additional resistance and provides additional protection against all kinds of damage.


BD6 is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in various sectors:


  • weather-resistant coating for industrial plants


  • passive fire protection in buildings

Maritime sector

  • Protective function for ships

Product features

BD6 is an attractive product with modest thickness, long life and high resistance. A self-curing product that is applied quickly and easily, offers optimal protection and can be finished in a decorative way of your choice.

BD6 comes in dry powder form and can be easily mixed with water before application.

BD6 does not require a heat source to cure. However, BD-6 is not water- or vapour-proof and should be finished with a waterproofing coating in the case of outdoor applications.


BD6 is a completely asbestos-free finish composed of carefully selected cement-based binders, inorganic fillers and other reinforcing additives.




BD6 is a Belgian product produced in our state-of-the-art and fully automated production plant in Blandain under the strict quality standards of ISO 9001 certification.


NESTAAN can present various certificates for BD6:

  • BS476p4: 1972

  • EN13501p1: 2009 under certification

  • ISO 9001

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