SLV Internal - LOW GWP

SLV Internal - LOW GWP is a cementitious, vermiculite-based spray mortar that provides passive fire protection of interior structures in steel and concrete.

By reducing the Global Warming Potential (GWP) by as much as 69%, SLV Internal - LOW GWP is an eco-friendly alternative with an extremely low CO2 impact.


SLV Internal - LOW GWP is used in the construction industry when building, renovating or upgrading:

  • Publicly accessible structures such as theatres, cinemas, shopping malls, airports and car parks

  • Infrastructure in the private sector such as warehouses, distribution centres, showrooms

  • Existing structures (e.g. to replace asbestos)

  • High-rise building


SLV Internal - LOW GWP guarantees a completely non-combustible product, class A1, in accordance with the European Standard.

SLV Internal - LOW GWP is the first environmentally friendly passive fire protection mortar to achieve fire certification for both concrete and steel through major international fire laboratories such as UL and ApPlus.

Product features

SLV Internal - LOW GWP is an eco-friendly, durable product with low density and a long lifespan. It can be applied quickly and requires hardly any maintenance. Moreover, it can be finished with a fire-safe top coating available in various colours.


SLV Internal - LOW GWP is a revolution in ecological research and development. Composed largely from Belgian raw materials, it consists of exfoliated vermiculite, a durable expanded mineral that acts as a thermal barrier, combined with mineral fillers, additives and high-tech cement binder.

SLV Internal - LOW GWP is the first and so far the only certified fire protection mortar based on ecologically sound cement, generating a GWP reduction of more than 69%.


SLV Internal - LOW GWP is a Belgian product manufactured in our state-of-the-art and fully automated production plant in Blandain under the strict quality standards of ISO 9001 certification.


NESTAAN can present various certificates for SLV Internal - LOW GWP:

  • EN13381p3: 2015

  • UL263

  • ISO9001

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